Sadaf Kanwal’s problematic take on marriage, feminism sparks fury

Sadaf Kanwal's problematic take on marriage, feminism sparks fury

Sadaf Kanwal, a model and the wife of actor Shahroz Sabzwari, has angered many people by limiting feminism to housework and taking care of husband.

A clip from an interview with Sadaf and Shahroz has been trending on Twitter. “Aurat is not bechari at all,” Sadaf replies when asked how she views feminism.

The Aurat March, she thinks, is a completely different argument.

“In our society, our culture is our husband,” Sadaf said. “I have to pick up his shoes, iron his clothes (which I seldom do, but I know where they are kept). I should know where Sherry’s [Shehroz] stuff is and what and when he has to eat.”

Sadaf defines feminism as taking care of her spouse and treating him with respect since it is what she has seen and been taught since she was a child. She blamed feminism for the rise of “liberals” in society, claiming that as a woman, she should know more about her husband than he does about her.

Many people have reacted angrily to Sadaf’s comments, claiming that women like herself do not represent those who are oppressed and exposed to abuse. They are angry because Sadaf’s understanding of feminism is “myopic and patriarchal,” according to them.

Some have supported the model as well, claiming that she merely expressed her opinions when asked and that everyone has the freedom to do so.

In May 2020, Sadaf and Shahroz married in a simple ceremony. Shahroz has a daughter called Nooreh Shahroz with actress Syra Yousuf, whom he was married to for seven years.

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