SACM advises PML-N to avoid treachery

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday lashed out at e PML-N MNA Javed Latif for his anti-Pakistan balderdash, saying that those who are against the solidarity of the country will be dealt with an iron hand.

“The state and its institutions are supreme and no one will be allowed to utter any non-sense against the state or its organs.”

Talking to the media on Sunday, Dr Firdous said that Latif’s statement had made it clear that PML-N had the covert support of Modi and RAW for its controversial statements against the motherland and also impressed upon PEMRA to ban Javed Latif from attending talk shows on TV channels.

She asserted that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a perpetual reality while characters like Maryam Safdar will fade away soon, adding that hurling threats to one’s own country for some political purposes tantamount to treachery which the PML-N should avoid.

The Special Assistant said that no one will be allowed to mislead the nation and reminded the PML-N that the blood of countless martyrs is included in the foundation of Pakistan and added that land grabbers and gas thieves should remember the difficulties and sacrifices rendered by the Muslims of the sub-continent for eking out a separate homeland.

She said a majority of PDM leadership is not ready to follow the scathing narrative of the Sharif family against institutions.

Dr Firdous further reminded the nation that PML-N minions used to hold Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto responsible for the East Pakistan debacle and also held Zardari responsible for the broad daylight murder of Benazir.

Mian Javaid Latif’s gibberish is, in fact, a narrative of the enemy vis-à-vis the state of Pakistan and, regrettably, the PML-N is espousing this agenda for some political gains, she said.

She appealed to the media and the citizens to totally boycott Javaid Latif and such obsequious sycophants of the Sharif family.

The SACM said that Pakistan has come to stay and the people of Pakistan are the defenders of the country.

She regretted that the Sharif family is ready to risk the security of Pakistan for its benefits and interests.

She said that PML-N is nervous as the NAB has decided to file an appeal against the fake princess.

The PML-N is not a political party but a slave association of the royal family and the people of Pakistan are ready to get rid of them, she said.

Dr Firdous said that PTI wants to empower small provinces and by giving priority to a small province for the post of Deputy Chairman Senate, PM Imran Khan has included FATA in the mainstream agenda.

She said that Punjab is playing the role of a ‘big brother’ to other provinces and standing shoulder to shoulder with the brothers of KPK, Balochistan and Sindh.

The SACM asserted that the people of Pakistan are committed to rid this country of corrupt practices.

She said that inflation is the biggest challenge for the government and when there is a rise in global oil prices, the government has to increase the price of oil commodities.

She said that ‘Koi Bhooka Na Soey Ga’ program, launched by the PM Imran Khan and aimed at providing a free meal to the poorest and needy segments of the society, is a pro-poor initiative and the government has decided to give targeted subsidy on it.

Dr Firdous said that a subsidy package on essential food items worth billions of rupees would be made available to the people during Ramadan.

She said that Punjab Cultural Day activities have been canceled due to the rise in the number of corona cases.

She said that legitimate demands of government employees for service structure and salary will be considered and this issue will be resolved in the next few days.


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