Rural zone police arrest 1,332 outlaws



Islamabad Capital Police (Rural Zone)claimed to have arrested 1,332 outlaws, including 180 members of 62 criminal gangs, during separate raids and recovered looted items worth Rs. 99.8 million including gold ornaments and vehicles from their possession.

According to police, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Akbar Nasir Khan assigned special tasks to the zonal police officers and teams to arrest those involved in the heinous crime and recover the looted items.

The Rural police teams conducted massive crackdowns against the criminal elements and succeeded in apprehending 1,332 outlaws including 180 members of 62 criminals.

Police teams recovered 21 vehicles, 136 motorbikes, 134 kilogram hashish, 75 kilogram heroin, 294 pistols, 15 rifles, and 18 Kalashnikovs with ammunition from the nabbed persons. During the crackdown against professional beggars, police teams arrested 288 professional beggars and their handlers.

The IGP said that it is the prime responsibility of the police to provide relief to the citizens and every possible effort would be made to ensure it. He said that Eagle Squads and Falcons are playing an effective role in crime prevention. Islamabad police chief has appealed to the citizens to call Pukar-15 about any suspicious activity around them and cooperate with the police. APP