Running scared from room to room . . !


THE twins, and their mother, my daughter are down from New York and my otherwise quiet house is full of childlike laughter. But suddenly there is a still, and I get up worriedly from my writing to find the cause of this unearthly silence and then my door opens, and two little frightened figures yell, “Mummy!”

I look, puzzled by their fright, and watch as they look around my room, then walk out. I follow them, and watch as they go into each room, then the kitchen, looking for their mother, “Ma!” they both shout, their voices a little different from each other, one a little gruff, and maybe a baritone like me one day, the other sharp and shrill, but both expressing fright, at something that has scared them, and now looking for that warm hug and reassurance from the only one who can bring calm again, “Ma!” they cry and open the door to go out into the garden, when they hear their mothers shout.

She cries out their names and they run to her, hug her and hold her tight, then tell her what caused their fear, and soon the sounds of laughter once again. A mother has brought them peace. But as I go back to my writing, my mind goes into what just took place right under my nose, “Are we like children who look for their mother or father when we are afraid?”

I open the YouTube channel and see scores, nay thousands of videos, that give quick fix solutions to every problem on earth. Some of them spoken by gurus, sadhus, and TV preachers, all looking kind and oh so loving and with very reassuring practiced and cultivated tone and voice.

Don’t we run at breakneck speed to these imposter guides whenever a problem hits us? Not, just videos, but shelves are lined with books by them, giving us solutions, that really never work, because all these so called answers, address our minds, whereas it’s the restless soul that seeks for peace. Most of the quick-fix solutions given by not just spiritual gurus, but also management gurus address the mind. It’s like saying ‘run under a doorpost’ during an earthquake, so you won’t get too hurt, whereas the solution is, ‘not to live in an earthquake prone zone’ and you won’t have to live under the constant fear of an earthquake killing you.

And where is this ‘non-earthquake zone’? Ask your soul, and be led by it to a God above, who takes you away from the ‘under the doorpost’ solutions, into His peaceful place of peace and quiet! I watch the twins, as they go about playing, filling my home with joyful laughter as their mother sits nearby, and watches..!