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Amnesty International

Amnesty International has joined the long, long list of those whose beating hearts refuse to side with India’s relentless bigotry. Two days earlier, the country’s top judiciary had also slammed the government in Uttar Pradesh for the “deteriorating law and order situation,” in a letter sent to the chief justice.

That India was headed to a state-sanctioned genocide had become clear the moment its leaders gave up on the secular principles aimed by Independence Movement leaders like Mahatma Gandh, Jawahir Lal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad; stoking the apprehensions of an already fearful group. Despite their overwhelming two-hundred-million-strong community (the third-largest in the world), Muslims in India have repeatedly been forced to show their loyalty to the Bharat Mata.

The last two decades in particular have been harrowing beyond what anyone could expect. What had begun as anti-Muslim pogroms in Gujarat in 2002 became an everyday reality for millions upon millions when the red carpet was unrolled for the chief architect in 2014. Since then, even living in a secluded periphery has not been sufficient for the Hindu nationalist now wishing to unleash the true power of their deities upon the hapless citizenry.

Love Jehad, Cow Protection, provocative rallies, Babri Masjid verdict, Hejab Ban–the exhaustive list drags on and on. The message is hard to ignore: gone are the days of Hindu-Muslim Bhai-Bhai. Those who had enthusiastically hopped aboard the Nehru, Azad caravan better get used to the new status quo because a semi-citizen status is the only available deal on the table.

One step out of the line could send out the signal to fearsome bulldozers ever ready to crush their houses, their rights and even their lives. The desecration of the most beloved personality of Holy Prophet (PBUH) by the Muslims clear attempts by the BJP’s sectarian workers damaging the secular status of a proclaimed the greatest democratic country in the world. These terrorist activities can culminate to the disintegration of “Maha: Bharat.



Herniorhaphy in calves

A study was conducted to assess the surgical and non-surgical procedures for the repair of umbilical hernia in cow calves. Trials were made on 24 calves, divided into two groups on account of size of hernia and then divided into four groups, i.e., A, B, C and D. In Group-A and B surgical procedure was performed if the hernial ring was >5cm, without or with synthetic mesh application, respectively.

In Group-C & D closed method was applied without and with hernial clamp if the hernial ring was 5 cm in size. Off feed period was 24 hours. In Group-A, four calves were treated successfully due to younger age, healed successfully with minor wound complications. Two failures were observed due to the dehiscence of the suture line, failure was attributed to the age of the animal and non-cooperative behaviour of the animal. In Group-B, calves were treated with the application of synthetic knitted mesh and showed 100% success rate with no failure. Though in this group two animals were of five and six month of age but unlike group A no major complication was recorded related to age and dehiscence.

In Group-C, closed herniorrhaphy was performed with the application of external sutures. In this group the success rate was 50%, three cases showed dehiscence during the first two weeks of post-operative period three other recovered with minor complications.

In group D, closed herniorrhaphy was performed with the application of locally made wooden clamps. It causes pressure on the surgical site resulting in fibrosis and premature necrosis in the area and all the failures occurred within the first two weeks of post-operative period closure of the hernial ring. The results in this group were similar to group C with a 50% success rate and reasons of failure were associated with the same factors.



Help your

dad give up smoking

Are you looking for an original, meaningful and inexpensive Father’s Day gift for your dad? If your dad smokes, show him your love by supporting him in making him quit smoking. Quitting the butt can take many tries and he doesn’t have to do it alone. Let your dad know you are standing by him all the time.

Even if he has tried to quit smoking before, encourage him to keep trying — a smoker attempts to quit an average of seven times before quitting for good. Remind him that a smoker who gets support and use medicine are nearly three times as likely to quit for good. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things your dad will ever do. Tell him not to get discouraged. If he slips up, let him know that you’re there for him when he’s ready to try again, no matter how many times he tries to quit.

A father is the one who maintains strict discipline among the family members and is looked upon with respect by everyone. He shows the right path to his children and motivates them to achieve the goals of their life through proper education. A father is the one who stands rock solid beside his family and protects them from the evils of society. He acts as the root of his family and binds each member with love and respect.

On Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, we celebrate the importance of fathers as we take time to recognise all fathers, both past and present. This year, it is being celebrated (also) on Sunday, 19 June.


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