Rudi Koertzen’s live-telecast funeral on August 20

Bipin Dani

The funeral of the former international umpire Rudi Koertzen, who passed away in a car crash on Tuesday will be held in South Africa on Saturday, the 20th August.

This was revealed by his son Rudi (junior). (It is common in South Africa where the father and son share the same name).

Koertzen was returning home from Cape Town after playing golf when the fatal accident happened. Three others were also killed in both crashes in the early morning hours in Riversdale.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone, he said, “It will be a live telecast. Mike Gajjar of Cricket South Africa (CSA) will send the funeral information to all the cricket contacts and to the ICC to spread the word of the YouTuber link for the funeral. There will be a YouTube link sent out to watch the funeral”.

Elaborating more about the accident, the son said, “my dad was sitting on the back seat in his white car and his friend (Wouter) was sitting next to the driver in the front seat. Both died at the spot and the driver survived. He is in the hospital and had surgery on Thursday”.

“We are getting the body of my father on Saturday (13th August) and it will be kept at Avbob Funeral Home in Uitenhage”.

Earlier, the umpire’s daughter, Eumelda, speaking to this Reporter, said, “I miss my dad so much, it feels so unreal. He was my everything and now he has gone…I am asking God, Why ? Why ? Why my dad ?”.

“The family can only take the consolation that Koertzen didn’t have to suffer due to this accident and had immediately passed away. If he was in a wheelchair or something…”.


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