Royal expert shares his thoughts on young royals and ‘modern monarchy’


A Cambridge-led Royal Family would be “so much more fun and so much more relevant” in future, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are set to become central figures within the monar-chy.

Speaking to The Daily Beast after the Platinum Jubilee, Clive Irving, royal expert and author of ‘The Last Queen’, noted the Cambridge children’s involvement in the celebrations.

He said: “The Cambridge kids are a model of a very modern monarchy. They are spontaneous and real as we saw again on Sunday, and are enjoying a quality of parenting that Charles never did, which is part of his problem (although it was a lovely moment when Louis went to sit on his grandpa’s knee).

“If only the Cambridges were, in fact, the next Windsor monarchy, it would be so much more fun and so much more relevant. It heightened my feeling that the Windsors live in a kind of weird time ma-chine,” the expert added.

“Charles is comfortably seated in the eighteenth century, the Queen, as I said, embodies the twentieth century, and the Cambridges are wholly of this time and century. The institution is going to fracture along those lines.”

Mr Irving’s comments are reflected in a recent YouGov survey which explored the Royal Family members’ popularity.

The Queen takes the top spot as most popular royal, with William and Kate falling in the second and fourth places respectively. Seventy-seven percent of the public think the Duke of Cambridge will do a good job as king, compared to 57 percent for the Prince of Wales.—Agencies