Role of Local Administration



CAPITAL Development Authority (CDA) has decided to construct 7.8 kilometer long Bhara Khau Bypass to cater to the needs of growing vehicular traffic.

Separately, given the reduction made by the government in the prices of petroleum products, Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Noorul Amin Mengal has asked the transporters to cut fares up to twenty five percent to provide relief to the people.

These very steps as well as the unprecedented number of development projects being carried out currently in the federal capital really indicates that the local administration can do a lot to bring ease and comfort in the life of the people.

And the local administration can deliver in a much better manner and with complete transparency provided there is no political interference in it.

Also the very statement made by Prime Minister Imran Khan the other day at a gathering in Hafizabad that he did not join politics to know the prices of potato and tomato but to make a great nation needs to be understood in the right context rather than the narrow prism of politics.

Indeed the very responsibility of those sitting in Parliament is to do legislation and frame policies and then it is the local administration which has to implement these policies.

It is unfortunate that our MNAs and MPAs always seek development funds in order to keep their hold on their constituencies for electoral gains.

This is also one of the major causes of inequality in development of different areas.

Time has come for the politicians to shun this approach and rather empower the local administrations to deliver the broad range of services be it the construction of roads or provision of other basic amenities to the people whose problems, in fact, can easily be addressed if the local governments are in place.

Since those sitting at the top do not want transfer of resources to the grassroots level, they always shy away from the local bodies elections.

Whilst PM Imran Khan has fulfilled the promise of local government elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the same should also be held in the federal capital and Punjab province at the earliest as the installation of this system is the only way through which the government can bring a visible change in the lifestyle of the people.


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