Road accidents avoidable through abiding safety laws: Rescue1122


Punjab Emergency Services, Rescue-1122 Rawalpindi has advised the citizens to strictly follow traffic rules as road accidents could be avoided if they properly follow the safety laws.

According to District Emergency Officer, Rawalpindi Eng. Kamran Rashid, Rescue-1122, Rawalpindi rescued 12,925 victims of road accidents while conducting emergency operations in 2022 and maintained it average response time of less than seven minutes.

He informed that a total of 13,013 road accidents were reported during the last year while 12,925 persons including 11,204 male and 1,721 female victims were rescued. He said that 6,593 victims were shifted to different hospitals and 6,167 people were provided first aid on the spot while 165 victims lost their lives.

He further said that only timely call could ensure timely response from Emergency Service in case of any emergency. Most of the victims were bike riders, he said and informed that 1962 pedestrians, 2743 passengers, 8220 drivers and 709 under age drivers were victims of the RTAs. The minor injured victims were treated at the incident site by Rescue Medical Teams thus reducing the burden of the hospitals. The majority motorcyclists were involved, therefore effective enforcement of traffic laws and lane discipline are essential to reduce this increasing number of RTAs, he added.

He informed 8220 drivers, 709 underage drivers, 1962 pedestrians, and 2743 passengers were among the victims of these RTAs.

He urged the authorities concerned to ensure effective implementation of traffic laws especially underage driving and use of helmets by motorbike riders. He also appealed to the parents to understand their social responsibility and ensure that their underage children do not drive motorbikes or cars, adding, most of the traffic accidents are avoidable if citizens abide by the road safety laws.