Rise in Manchhar level rings alarm bells



The level of water in Manchhar Lake has rung warning bells after touching 120-foot RL (reduced level), just behind four foot of 124RL which is described as dangerous level.Water in the lake has also started developing pressure along its embankments.

Irrigation Engineer Sehwan Mahesh Kumar said that due to continuous rainfall at Kirthar Mountains and Kachho belt, the level of water in the lake had risen. Water level was recorded at 120-foot RL, he added.He said the embankments of the lake had been raised till 128-foot RL.

When the water level would reach at 124 feet, it would be a dangerous position, he said, adding that stones and flood-fighting material was being dumped at the weak positions of embankments.The private secretary to Sindh chief minister, Saleem Bajari, also reached Manchhar Lake and supervised the work there.

Speaking with reporters, Mr Bajari said the embankments of Manchhar Lake were strong still, adding that its strict monitoring had been started.People got in a panic and started to migrate to other areas fearing occurrence of breaches when some people hoisted a red flag at Band Manchhar when the level of water reached 120-foot RL. But the local irrigation authority declared that the embankments were safe.

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