EFP, TDAP partner to develop minerals



Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (WFP) here on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding on “Minerals Development Program” with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan(TDAP) .    President EFP, Ismail Suttar and Younus Dagha, Chairman Minerals to Chemicals Committee represented EFP in the mutual collaboration and TDAP was represented by its Secretary Ahsan Ali Mangi, said release issued here.

The Minerals to Chemicals Committee was instituted by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan to explore the hidden potential of 92 minerals of the country that are exploited and exported in raw form contributing only 3% to the GDP of the country.

President EFP Ismail Suttar envisioned broadening the spectrum of the minerals sector through conversation into value-added chemicals.The TDAP Secretary applaud EFP for its efforts in promoting value-addition of minerals to chemicals and proposed formation of a joint plan of action in that regard.


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