Rights abuses increased manifold in IIOJK: Untoo


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Muhammad Ahsan Untoo, the Chairman of International Forum for Justice and Human Rights J&K has said that the human rights abuses have increased manifold since the illegal action of August 5 2019.

Untoo addressing a webinar on present situation in IIOJK said, Kashmiris are asked to prove their identities on every other street corner and highway, he added.

He said, the HR violations have been reported by many international organisations including Amnesty International, Asian Watch, Human Rights Watch and others.

“The United Nations Human Rights report has also mentioned the grave violations of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir in many of its yearly and special reports.”

“The American State Department and European Foreign Affairs Committee reports have also launched scathing attacks on Indian authorities for insurmountable human rights abuses in Kashmir. “

He said Kashmiris have always welcomed the cordial relations between the two nuclear armed countries, Pakistan and India, but not at the cost of Kashmiris.

“The recent military level talks between the two countries have been welcomed across the globe and the talks were seen as something that will bring relief to Kashmiris living on both the sides of the Line of Control.”

“However, since the DGMO level talks, a number of Kashmiris have been killed and many others tortured by the India occupation Army.

Many houses have been burnt to ashes while there also have been allegations of rape against the army personnel.”

Unto pointed out that while India wants to mislead the world into believing that it is bringing democracy and normalcy to Kashmir, but in contrast to that the democracy is trampled every other day in the form of HR abuses and dictatorial orders.

“The irony is that Kashmiris are required to purchase stamp papers for buying land while the papers are free for Indians who wish to buy land in Kashmir.”—KMS