Rickshaw campaign: Trafficking in Person and Bonded Labor in Pakistan


The Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) has launched a rickshaw campaign in Rawalpindi to spread the message about curbing the issue of human trafficking and to raise awareness about the Prevention of Trafficking .

The designed banners were placed at the back of the rickshaws so messages can be reached to the maximum number of people.

The Rickshaw Campaign in Rawalpindi kicked off with briefing sessions with rickshaw drivers, where they were given information about the issue of human trafficking and potential victims to the menace.

They were also oriented in being aware around their surroundings of noticing any unusual or suspicious activity or any passenger taking a ride with them who may appear to be suspicious or forcefully taking someone along with them to an unusual destination.

Since rickshaws are easily accessible even to the remotest of the areas and also the doors provide privacy to the passengers therefore majority of the times such activities go unnoticed.


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