Revival of Culture, Film Policy


DURING a meeting with delegation of Film Producers Association, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb made an important announcement regarding the revival of culture and film policy 2018 which encompasses several incentives for the film industry as well as the artistes.

The policy was announced by the previous PML-N government during its last days in power back in 2018.

The aim was to gear Pakistan’s entertainment industry towards reviving its lost glory and reputation.

But as happens always in our country, the new government that came into being in the wake of 2018 elections shelved this very important policy document of the previous regime.

Anyway, it is a matter of satisfaction that Marriyum Aurangzeb who was the brainchild behind this policy, has taken a very right decision to pick the thread from where it was left which will definitely bring a visible change in the entertainment industry, if implemented in the real spirit.

Like any other field, Pakistan has immense potential and talent in this particular industry and over the last few years, our talented people have produced some quality movies and the people were also seen thronging the cinemas to watch them.

However, still a lot more needs to be done to put the entertainment industry on a strong footing.

Doing so will also play a critical role in improving the country’s image at the world level as this is an effective medium to project our culture and its diversity and beauty.

The focus must be on the quality of content and equipping the industry with modern technologies so that our productions could also compete at the international level.

For this, the government should cooperate with the film industry and reduce duties on import of film making equipment and machinery.

We will also suggest that academies need to be established with the cooperation of legendary artistes to polish the new talent.