Resurgence of bloc politics


PRIME Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the world cannot afford another descent into an era of Cold War or bloc politics.

In an interview with the Newsweek, he emphasized that Pakistan believed that constructive engagement with all countries can promote peace and security as well as development and connectivity in the whole region” adding that conflict anywhere in the world had negative consequences, particularly for developing countries.

He also highlighted that Pakistan’s “considered view” was that “cooperation, not confrontation, should be the main driver of international relations”.

The views expressed by the Prime Minister echo feelings and aspirations of all peace-loving people across all the continents and assume special significance in the backdrop of polarization caused by Russia-Ukraine War and Washington’s latest posture vis-à-vis Taiwan which is seen by Beijing as gross interference in its internal affairs and an affront to ‘One-China’ policy.

Incidentally, similar views have also been expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his televised address to a security conference, warning that American policies are fuelling potential for conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

He was blunt on American adventure in relation to Taiwan highlighting that Pelosi’s visit was just of an individual irresponsible politician but part of a purposeful, conscious US policy to destabilize and make chaotic the situation in the region and the world.

This is also borne out by repeated attempts by the United States aimed at brow-beating other nations and to provoke China on flimsy grounds.

That some of the policies of the only superpower of the world are devoid of rationality and sanity is borne out by the stiff and mysterious opposition of the Chinese initiative of ‘One Belt, One Road’ and arms-twisting of Pakistan for pursuing its accord with Beijing on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) despite the fact that these initiatives are based purely on economic and developmental cooperation.

The Prime Minister has expressed readiness of Pakistan to play a similar role as it did in the past in the de-escalation of tension between the two powers but understandably the country has many limitations in view of the complex regional and global scenario.

However, there is definitely a need for making concrete efforts to help the two countries bridge their differences as the world economy, which is in turmoil in the wake of Covid-19 and Ukraine war, cannot afford further shocks.



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