Research-oriented education termed essential for national prosperity


Deputy Speaker National Assembly Zahid Akram Durranin here on Saturday underlined the need for promoting research-oriented education to successfully meet challenges ahead. Addressing as a chief guest at the first convocation of Bannu Medical College, he said that those countries which had progressed in the field of medical were mainly focusing on research work, so the culture of research should be promoted by the country’s universities to achieve national development.

He also lamented that it had been entrenched in the country’s politics that development schemes which had been launched by a government come to halt due to paucity of funds or any other politically-motivated tactics by political opponents when they come to power. As a result, the masses were left to suffer and the pace of development in the country became slow, putting extra burden on the national exchequer in the shape of cost escalations.

Zahid Akram Khan Durrani said that it was high time we did away with that old system of politics and he had brought a bill to the National Assembly and it was currently pending with a relevant committee, providing for disallowing a next government to put a break on the development projects on which 10 certain work was completed. He also appreciated the performance of the Bannu Medical College, saying that it had proved to be an exemplary educational institution which had got many achievements in a very short period of time.