Rescue 1122 responds to 10674 emergencies during Eid days

Staff Reporter

Director-General Punjab Emergency Service, Dr Rizwan Naseer said that Rescue 1122 provided emergency care to 10,768 emergency victims of 10,674 emergencies across the province of Punjab during three Eid days.

The Rescue Service responded to 4208 emergencies of road traffic crashes in which 41 precious lives were lost, whereas 338 people died of medical emergencies during three days of Eid.

The Emergency Ambulance, Rescue and Fire Services responded to 4208 emergencies of road traffic crashes, 4937 medical emergencies, 303 crime incidents, 221 fire incidents and more than 800 other emergencies such as delivery cases, fall from a height, electric shock and occupational injuries.

Besides that Rescue Teams also performed duties at Expo Corona Triage and Vaccination center to facilitate the health department in the vaccination process and Triage and shifting of COVID-19 patients to hospitals.

This was informed in a meeting chaired by DG Rescue Punjab Dr Rizwan Naseer held at Rescue Headquarters here on Sunday.

All head of Wings from Rescue Headquarters and Emergency Services Academy were also present at this occasion.

He expressed his serious concern over the loss of precious human lives in both emergencies of road traffic crashes and drowning emergencies during Eid days.

He analyzed that at least 2490 people were gravely injured in road traffic crashes in these days due to reckless driving despite of lockdown, who were shifted to the various hospital across Punjab in which 41 people died.

Out of which 499 victims received head injuries, 252 multiple fractures, 830 Single fractures, 71 spinal injuries were reported during three Eid days, whereas, 2398 victims with minor injuries were provided first aid at the spot by trained medical teams of the Service.

He further said that in 4937 medical emergencies, 2779 critically ill patients were shifted to the hospital and 1588 minor patients were given medical aid on the spot while 338 people were died due to their serious illness.

The meeting was also informed that higher number of emergencies occurred in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur and Sahiwal in three Eid days.

The Emergency Service Lahore responded to 1572 emergencies including 582 road traffic crashes.

Faisalabad responded to 795 emergencies including 383 RTCs, Multan dealt 856 emergencies with 389 RTCs, Bahawalpur responded to 524 emergencies with 323 RTCs and Sahiwal dealt 428 emergencies including 262 RTCs during Eid Holidays.

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