Remembering Noor Mukaddam on her 1st death anniversary

Noor Mukaddam

Islamabad: It’s been one year since that fateful evening when Noor Mukaddam, daughter of an ex-diplomat, was brutally murdered after physical and sexual assault by Zahir Jaffer – a spoiled son of rich parents – in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4.

Zahir was arrested the next day, and the case against him, his parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, three domestic help Iftikhar, Jan Muhammad and Jameel and six Therapy Works employees, including Tahir Zahoor, Amjad, Dilip Kumar, Abdul Haq, Wamiq and Samar Abbas, was initiated – that would go on for seven months.

A few days later after his arrest, on July 26, Zahir confessed to murdering Noor.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Zahir informed his father on July 20 about what he had done to the victim, and in response, Zahir’s father contacted Therapy Works, seeking their help in getting his son out of the house.

Later, Zahir’s counsel also tried to prove him mentally ill, but the plea was turned down by the court.

On January 15, Shaukat Mukaddam, Noor’s father, testified in court and demanded capital punishment for Zahir.

After this long period of trial, on February 24, the court in the Capital awarded the death penalty to Zahir Jaffer.

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The court also awarded ten years imprisonment to Iftikhar and Jan Muhammad for abetting the crime.

However, Zahir’s parents and all other suspects were acquitted.

Noor may have passed away, but lives in everyone’s heart and has become the face of justice for women.

Today, Noor’s family and the entire community are gathering at F9 Park’s Mehran Gate to remember her and stand up for the safety of Pakistani women.

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