Relief goods distributed among flood victims


Al-Khidmat Foundation has distributed relief materials consisting on winter package to the flood and rain victims of Kisu village. These goods were distributed to 130 families whose houses were affected by floods or rains and they were facing great difficulties with the arrival of winter. It includes mattresses, pillows and warm beds. Talking to the media, president Alkhidmat Foundation Lower Chitral Abdul Haq said that the first flood occurred in Chitral Lower on 28 July 2022 and many villages were affected by it. On July 29, Al Khidmat Foundation Chitral started the relief work.

Food packages, tents, tarpaulins, clothes and beds were distributed among the three thousand victims of the affected areas. Water channels of some areas was damaged, people were engaged in construction and repair works under your help, cook foods were also distributed by Al Khidmat Foundation in these areas.

Abdul Haq further said that 8 people were died due to flood in Sheshikoh area. Al-Khidmat organized the Orphan Family program to support the children of martyrs under which 50 orphans are given 3500 rupees per month.