Recovered valuables not returned to owners by police


Most of the looted valuables recovered by Punjab police are not returned to the real owners.

It has been learnt that there are approximately Rs2.25 billion worth of annual recoveries by the police. As many as 16,000 stolen vehicles and motorbikes are among these recovered items.

During the previous year, Rs880 million worth of cash and looted valuables were recovered by the police. At least 5,000 stolen vehicles were also among the recovered items. According to the police authorities, most of these recovered valuables are not returned to the owners.

The investigation officers and policemen make the citizens visit the police stations repeatedly. There are clear orders from the Punjab inspector general of police (IGP) regarding immediate return of the recovered valuables to the owners. The police officers have been advised to comply with the legal requirements and hand over the recovered valuables to the owners.

They have also been asked to organise a ceremony in which the recovered valuables should be returned to the owners. They have also been directed to ensure a significant coverage of the event on the electronic and social media.