Reckitt signs MoU with Carrefour, Pakistan Red Crescent Society


Will donate Rs 2m worth Mortein Coils to flood affectees

Reckitt and Carrefour have teamed up to donate PKR 2 million worth of Mortein Coils to the flood affectees of Pakistan – a worthy cause with an urgent need. Pakistan Red Crescent Society will be the trusted channel that will be conducting on-ground facilitation of the donations provided by Reckitt.

In light of the current flooding crisis, Mortein has recommitted itself to its “Dengue Ab Nahi” mission by providing Mortein Coils to the communities and areas most at risk of a dengue outbreak. This will guarantee that those affected by this crisis have easy access to effective mosquito repellents to safeguard themselves and their family against the spread of the Dengue virus.

The dengue epidemic has been ravaging Pakistan for years, with over 52,000 confirmed cases in 2021 and hundreds of fatalities. Since there is no vaccine for Dengue, the only option for treatment is prevention otherwise, millions of people will continue to be at risk every time this occurs.

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