realme 5G summit ends

Staff Reporter

realme, the world fastest-growing smartphone brand, today announced at its inaugural 5G summit that it would enable 100 million young consumers to use 5G smartphones within the next three years.

At the summit, which was held in partnership with GSMA, Counterpoint Research and Qualcomm, realme also revealed that new models in GT series, realme 5G performance and camera flagships, will be launched in June and July 2021, respectively, among several other corporate initiatives to promote 5G adoption globally.

With the theme “Making 5G Global: Affordability for the Masses”, the 5G summit brought together leaders from industry association, research institution, component vendor and device manufacturer to share their insights on several 5G topics: current global 5G connectivity – the driving forces behind it and the technical aspect to 5G evolution; the unique relationship between 5G and the younger generation; and how to further facilitate 5G accessibility in the future.

At the summit, realme reaffirmed its commitment to become a “popularizer of 5G” and shared its latest pledge to advance the adoption of 5G in global markets and bring the technology to more users worldwide.

In 2020, realme launched 14 5G devices in 21 markets, accounting for around 40% of all its products. By 2022, the company aims to increase the number of its 5G offerings to over 20, upping the ratio to 70% across 50 markets.

realme also plans to take the industry lead in launching a 5G mobile phone at a USD 100 price point in the next few years, a move that is set to further accelerate 5G adoption, especially across the rapidly emerging economies.

In 2021, realme plans to set up more than ten 5G pop-up stores around the world allowing young people to create exclusive spaces where they can enjoy 5G experiences through cloud gaming, ultra-clear AR, live broadcasting and other popular 5G applications.