RCCI urges for extended business hour

Staff Reporter

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Mohammad Nasir Mirza has said that lockdown policy should be formulated in collaboration with stakeholders.

The proposed lockdown from May 8 to May 16 is not feasible. The business community has been the hardest hit by the corona, he said in a statement. We have to make policy based on the ground realities.

The working hours of banks and post offices should also be increased to provide convenience to customers and pensioners.

We recommend that shop hours be made to 24 hours during Ramadan so that customers can shop comfortably. Weekly off for Businesses should also be called off, he suggested.

Exporters will face more difficulty and demurrage charges added as the port will be closed for eight days.Reduced working hours will increase the rush in the markets and banks.

Former president and Group leader Sohail Altaf said that our Corona policy is not clear. It is based on trial and error. Every year there is more business on Eid.

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