Rawalpindi’s dengue tally reaches 1000


The Rawalpindi’s dengue total tally had reached 1000 cases, with the arrival of 65 more patients during the last 24 hours.

District Coordinator Epidemics Prevention and Control(DCEPC), Dr Sajjad Mehmood Wednesday said that among the new cases, 40 cases had arrived from Potohar town Urban area, seven from Rawalpindi Cantonment, five each from Municipal Corporation, Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment, three from Taxila Cantonment and one from Potohar rural area.

Presently,221 patients were admitted to three allied hospitals of the city, including 78 each to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital(BBH) and District Headquarters Hospital, while 65 were admitted to the Holy Family Hospital. Dr Sajjad added that out of the total admitted patients,127 were confirmed cases, and 91 belonged to Rawalpindi.

He informed that one patient was in a critical position at BBH.

Dr Sajjad said the hospitals have the full capacity and potential to meet any situation arising from the seasonal disease outbreak. He said, presently, prevention of the disease was the government’s priority, and the district health administration was working day and night to avoid the possible outbreak of the infection.

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