Rawalpindi admin foils 16 bids to smuggle wheat, flour


The Food Department Rawalpindi and district police while foiling 16 bids to smuggle wheat and flour seized 3690 bags during the last 10 days.

According to a district administration spokesman, the authorities of the food department along with police conducted raids in different areas and rounded up 16 drivers who were trying to illegally ship wheat and flour out of the Rawalpindi division.

He said the Food Department Rawalpindi and district police on the directives of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi were strictly monitoring all the exit points of Rawalpindi district to foil wheat and flour smuggling bids.The administration succeeded to intercept 16 vehicles besides seizing 3690 wheat and flour bags.

The authorities had been directed to strictly monitor district exit points to control wheat smuggling, he said adding, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi had instructed the authorities to monitor the movement of wheat round the clock and take strict action by the law against the rules violators.

The spokesman said that all the exit points of the Rawalpindi division were being monitored 24/7 to control wheat smuggling as the administration had set up 14 check posts at exit points of the four districts of the division to check wheat smuggling.—APP


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