Chilly weather boosts sale of ‘desi cuisine trends’ on weekend


With signs of the winter season, the desi cuisine trends of breakfast including crispy ‘halwa puri’ and ‘naan payee’ demand on the rise where shops in various localities of the capital city on weekends had witnessed a huge rush of customers.

“Winter is the best season for sales because due to the drop in mercury, the number of customers especially youngsters were seen enjoying desi breakfast outdoor,” said a shopkeeper while talking to a private news channel.

Winter is the best excuse to eat more than usual so enjoy these tasty delights and leave the calorie counting for summer said a customer while enjoying Halwa puri at the shop.

A shop owner told that most people are fond of eating payee and come to them from far-off areas on weekends, adding, the payee has a long history and is popular in Pakistan, It is cooked on mild heat for hours (usually overnight) until you get a thick consistency and spices are added to the meat and bones. Another shopkeeper selling Halwa puri claimed that the traditional breakfast of ‘halwa puri’ has also been marked as the most favorite delight during the winter season.

With the start of the cold season, many special stalls are offering a variety of hot ‘puri’ with ‘channa’ and different kinds of ‘halwas’ in markets and bazaars which are attracting customers to enjoy the savvy food easily.

An office girl also commented that my colleagues ask me to bring fresh crispy ‘puri’ for breakfast and we together are enjoying it on weekend duty.

“A few shops are famous for traditional breakfasts while others sell it at weekends or during winters only,” said another customer.

A customer added that her family cannot restrain themselves from eating the special desi breakfast of Naan payee on weekend. “Halwa puri is a most demanding breakfast item in Pakistan during winters”, said a citizen.Halwa Puri is a year-round breakfast staple, but it becomes even more popular with the approach of winter, said an owner of a restaurant..


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