Qatar participates in Arab-Chinese forum at ministerial level session



The State of Qatar participated in the ninth session of the Arab-Chinese forum at the ministerial level, which began today and held via video conference.
The delegation of the State of Qatar in the session was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani.
During the session, the State of Qatar said that the Arab-Chinese cooperation is based on common interests, a long history and convergent views regarding many global issues, stressing that the prosperity and security of the Arab world and China require enhancing cooperation and joint action through strengthening joint institutions and projects, in a way that serves the causes of our peoples and achieve regional and global peace.
The transformations and challenges that the world is going through oblige us to work together towards rearranging international relations according to a vision based on cooperation, solidarity and coexistence among all peoples, because peace is what will lead to a bright future in the world and its stability and development, the State of Qatar said.
The Palestinian cause remains at the top of the list of the joint agenda between the Arab world and China, the State of Qatar affirmed, while appreciating the continuous efforts of the friendly Republic of China to advocate the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights to obtain their freedom and end the Israeli occupation of their lands.—PR


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