Qatar CG praises Pakistanis resilience to fight back odds


Salahuddin Haider

Incredible it was, very impressive, but to say that it was surprising, would be a bit uncharitable.
Qatari Consul General Mishal Ansari an extremely amiable, delightful person, a remarkable smile lighting his face all the time, he was rewarded for his highly courteous relationship with all and everyone as a massive turn out was witnessed at the reception he hosted Thursday evening at a local hotel to celebrate his country’s national day.

In his speech, he paid eloquent tributes to His Excellency Sheikh Passim bin Mohammad bin Thani, founder of the state and ruler for his inspirational leadership and his handling of the State governance that turned Qatar right on the central stage of the world politics. Qatar within a short span of time, has recorded tremendous progress, which is visible to those visiting the country.
I had the privilege of being there, and was moved by the massive and modern airport building, facilities available there, and the Qatari Airline, which has made its mark among the world airline, serving 160 destinations. That in itself is a no small tributes to the sagacity and tremendous labour Sheiki Jassim has put in to take his country to pristine glory. Its importance can be prove beyond any shadow of doubt that today it is like Geneva or Belgium, heart of international politics, and Taliban and America are trying to settle their long standing disputes at Doha, the country’s capital, bubbling with enthusiasm and inspiration.
Former President Mamnoon Hussain, and Governor Imran Ismail who was chief guest, after traditional national anthems of the two countries, cut the cake to mark the glorious occasion. The vast hall of the hotel, was filled to capacity, overflowing in fact with guests, drawn from almost all segments of the society, In his brief but crisp speech, Mishal talked of Pak-Qatar bilateral relations, the visit of the Qatar Amir to Pakistan, and looked confident that these ties in different fields, including defense, economic, and other segments of importance, will continue to grow and gain new heights.
He said he was all praise for the people of Pakistan who displayed tremendous resilience to overcome their future, and within few years will be able to be shining example again for the region and the world. Prominent among those present were eminent businessmen, Kalim Farooqui, Pervaiz Haroon Madraswala, Editor in chief of Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik, former MQM minister Mohammad Hussain, PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman, four other MQM Sindh assembly members, including a lady, Jam Farooq Ali, with his father Jam Madad Ali, and brother. Among the prominent diplomats were from France Didier, Bangladesh Noor-e-Helal, Saifur Rehman, Iran Mohammad Mohammadi, of Malaysia, of Oman, and many more. It was a lovely evening, delightful one.