Pyrolysis plants demolished for causing pollution



The district administration demolished two pyrolysis plants on Sunday, which were operating in different areas of the provincial capital, for causing pollution.

According to a spokesperson, the plants were extracting furnace and crude oil from wires and used tyres and selling them in the market at lower prices. Thousands of litres of oil was being extracted daily and in this process hundreds of tonnes of carbon powder was released into the air. Some of the plants, earlier located in Lakhodair area near the Ring Road, were now being operated in the river Ravi’s bed under the trees. The anti-smog squad had earlier sealed the plants.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali ordered registration of cases against the management (owners) of the plants, besides confiscation of all the machinery. More than 5,800 carbon bags were also disposed of during the operation in Lakhodair area.

Meanwhile, around six private offices were sealed in Model Town tehsil over violation of government instructions related to smog.