Punjab unveils unique scholarship program for Baloch, Fata students Ch Sarwar says 72 years history void of any such programme in Punjab


Under programme, 3,200 students to get full scholarships and 16,852 to get 50% for four years’’

Punjab Governor Chaudhary Sarwar unveiled a four-year scholarship program for students of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Fata, saying that every year 3,200 students belong to these areas will be given 100 percent scholarship and 16,852 students will be given 50 percent scholarship in the Punjab universities.
“For first time in 72-year history of the country, such a big scholarship program is being offered from Punjab.”
Addressing a press conference here at Governor’s House after meeting protesting Baloch students on Friday, the Punjab governor said that students belong to Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Fata would not be expelled from any university in Punjab due to non-payment of fee.
“We have also solicited scholarship programs from Aitchison and Cadet Colleges for these students. Students will also be given scholarships in these colleges.
Unfortunately, during the past 10 years, neither the federal nor the Punjab government funds for scholarships to students belong to Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Fata, which led universities to end their scholarship programs”, Ch Sarwar informed.
He said but now the Punjab government has announced Rs20 million annually in the first phase which will be increased to Rs80 million in the next four years. The governor said that all public universities of Punjab will provide 50 percent scholarship at their own expense and 50 percent discount will also be given in hostel fee.
“I have personally visited Balochistan on the issue of scholarships where I met the Balochistan Governor, Chief Minister and the Minister of Education.
The students who will be given 50% scholarship in the universities of Punjab will be given the remaining 50% scholarship by the Balochistan government and these students will not have to pay any money”, Ch Sarwar pointed out.
He expressed gratitude to Gohar Ejaz, Mian Ahsan, Mian Talat, Anwar Ghani and Javed Bhatti for their hard work in the social sector who have announced to give 100% scholarship to 200 students annually and 50% to 800 students in four years. He said that out of private universities, UMT will give 100% scholarship to 216 students annually and the University of Lahore will also give 100% scholarship to 216 students. Under the leadership of Dr. Amjad Saqib, the Akhuwat Foundation will give 100% scholarships to 400 students annually and Insha Allah we will ensure the educational mission of the students belong to these areas in every possible way.
Replying a question, the Punjab governor said that the Punjab University will also give 100% scholarship to 100 students annually as well as Rs3000 per month and other public universities, Friends of Lahore will give 100% scholarship to 3,200 students annually and 16,852 students will receive 50 percent scholarships.
On the whole, almost 20,052 students will be given relief. The governor said that in the first phase, this scholarship program is being started for 4 years at a cost of millions of rupees. I assure the students of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Fata that this scholarship program will not end even after that as we have ensured the steps for which this program will continue.

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