Punjab traffic police increases challan rates


The Punjab Traffic Police has planned increase in traffic challans has been authorized by the provincial cabinet. The penalties for imposing order on the roads in Punjab’s major cities have been raised.

The provincial cabinet has recognized the police force’s worries over rampant road offenses and rash driving accidents, with motorists driving without permits or using mobile phones while driving risking heavy penalties.

Over speeding bikers will be fined Rs. 500 instead of Rs. 200, and over speeding car drivers will be fined Rs. 750, while private or public transit vehicle drivers will be fined Rs. 1000. Motorists who disobey traffic signs will be fined Rs. 500, and those who do not carry a helmet will be fined Rs. 600 instead of Rs. 200.

Cars who go the wrong direction will be fined Rs. 400, and anyone who change lanes without using signs will be fined Rs. 400. People that are seen operating without their seat belts fastened will be charged Rs. 750 instead of Rs. 500.

The new challan prices are now in place, and drivers are urged to be cautious and careful when driving on congested roads.


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