Punjab in turmoil


PUNJAB, which suffered hugely due to bad governance during chief minister-ship of Buzdar, continues to face political instability – thanks to unique interpretation of Article-63A of the Constitution, its retrospective application and self-serving politics of the Opposition.

In the latest development, polling for re-election of the Chief Minister, which was to be held on Friday under a verdict of the Lahore High Court (LHC), has now been delayed till 22 July by the top court of the country, which acted instantly on a petition filed by PTI against the decision of the LHC.

PTI was scared of the scheduled re-polling on Friday as PML(N) and allies had a clear edge in the numbers game to win the election and, therefore, sought intervention of the Supreme Court and succeeded in getting relief.

It has welcomed the order to hold elections on 22 July as the intervening period would see an increase in its strength with the notification of its five members for the reserved seats and the tally could further improve subject to its performance in the by-elections on 17 July.

PML(N) too has welcomed the decision as it is dead sure of winning most of the 20 seats against which elections are to be held, increasing its majority in the Provincial Assembly.

Irrespective of the reaction of the parties concerned, there is a general impression that the tendency to decide issues on considerations other than the yardsticks of the Constitution and the law needs to be curbed and courts should decide cases purely on merit.

Why is foul play by the provincial opposition totally being ignored despite the fact that the political instability is preventing the Government to focus on issues that really matter for people of the province?

Punjab is the largest province of the country and should not be left to political expediency.


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