Punjab Govt planning to increase production of cotton: Gardezi


Cotton crop is very important for our National economy. Every year, October 7th is a special day celebrated at the international level regarding the cotton crop, which highlights its importance.

Cotton is the only source of raw material for the textile industry worldwide and the purpose of this day is to address the challenges which are hindrance to increase cotton production and develop an effective plan to solve them.

Therefore, today this day is also being celebrated in Pakistan. About 60% of our country’s exports are cotton, which earns a lot of foreign exchange. Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton by the grace of Allah.

Although the production of cotton has decreased in the last few years. But, Government of Punjab is planning to increase the production of cotton as a top priority. Due to the efforts of the Government of Punjab, during the year 2021-22, the area under cotton has increased by about 16% as compared to last year.

But this year, 0.234 million acres of cotton were damaged due to floods in South Punjab, which reduced production. Apart from this, due to ongoing climatic changes and non-cultivation of approved varieties, production is also witnessed to decline.

Government of Punjab is paying full attention to supply approved varieties of seeds to the farmers. Currently, the process of cotton picking is going on.

Therefore, I want to send a message to my farmers with reference to this special day that they should give special attention to the clean picking of cotton so that it can be sold at good prices in the international market.


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