Punjab CM resents untoward incidents at flour distribution centres


The Punjab government has decided opening of the free flour distribution centres in Punjab from 6:00 in the morning.

A meeting chaired by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi today fixed opening time of the free flour distribution centres at 6:00am.

“The ministers, secretaries will perform duties in various districts for three days. They will visit flour distribution centres to monitor the situation,” Mohsin Naqvi has said.

“DPOs and deputy commissioners will also be present at centres in the morning,” he said.

Caretaker CM also directed for deployment of additional police force at flour distribution centres to avoid untoward incidents.

Naqvi expressed resentment over stampede and hustling incidents at flour centres in Sahiwal and other cities of the province.

He directed authorities for better management of crowds at Atta centres.

“The people should be guided and advised through public announcements to stand in queues,” caretaker CM said.

The session chaired by the Chief Minister was briefed that around 13.2 million flour sacks have been distributed across Punjab so far.

To reduce overcrowding and inconvenience for citizens, the caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi announced the opening of free flour centers at 6 am throughout the province, starting from March 29 (today).

During a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s Office under his chair, it was decided that provincial ministers and secretaries would perform duties in assigned districts for the next three days, visiting flour centers, and assessing the situation themselves.

To ensure better management and control of the centers, additional police forces will be deployed, while DPOs and deputy commissioners will also be present at the centers in the morning.

Expressing his dismay at the disorder at flour centers in Sahiwal and other cities, the chief minister directed officials to better guide and manage citizens for their convenience. Citizens should be properly guided, and announcements should be made to form queues, he emphasized.

According to the meeting, around 13.2 million flour bags have been distributed across the province, and more than 2.1 million flour bags have been provided to citizens since morning till today, marking the maximum number of bags that have been distributed in a minimum time.

The meeting was attended by the chief secretary, IG police, food secretary, and chairman PITB.