Punjab Assembly session summoned on Jan 9


A session of the Punjab Assembly has been summoned at 2pm on January 9 next.

The Punjab Assembly secretariat has also issued a notification in this regard. Punjab Assembly Speaker Sardar Sibtain Khan will preside over the session. Earlier, the Punjab Assembly session was adjourned till January 11 for the vote of confidence to the chief minister by the MPAs.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has summoned a party meeting on Jan 8 to finalise strategy for vote of confidence in Punjab.

Sources claim that the PTI has failed to reach a consensus on the matter and the trust vote faces further delay as PML-Q’s Moonis is on a foreign visit. They say the PTI and PML-Q alliance has no other option but to seek vote of confidence as per directions of Punjab Governor Baligur Rehman. On the other hand, Punjab Assembly Speaker Sibtain Khan said on Monday they were firm on their decision to dissolve assemblies.

The PTI leader clarified that Imran Khan had not backtracked on his decision and reiterated that the assemblies would be dissolved on the PTI chief’s signal. He further said the provincial legislatures would be dissolved after addressing legal and constitutional complexities.NNI