Elahi inaugurats new Punjab Assembly building


Addressing the ceremony, the CM stated that the political norms of tolerance and fraternity have been promoted in the province. We have contained the opposition in good work but PMLN is an expert in wrongdoing. The PMLN is the king of doing bad things, it doesn’t matter to them and there is no one to stop them. They come to power after 5/10 years and leave after destroying all the previous development. They catch the train from the same station where they had disembarked and the train of PMLN is composed of destruction, he regretted. Just like the last train that arrived at the time of the creation of Pakistan whose half of the passengers were butchered; this is the same sort of train of the PMLN, he stated.

The CM noted that in the history of Pakistan, under the leadership of Imran Khan, the Punjab assembly has done the maximum legislation. Legislation for the service of religion is Imran Khan, PTI and our honor; he maintained and added that countless assemblies of the world have been formed in 300 years but police did not enter any assembly. There was once a murder in the British Assembly Westminster, which became an ugly stain. Though a murder did not happen here, it was no less than that. The police trespassed the Punjab assembly at the behest of our turncoat deputy speaker and other henchmen of the PMLN. The police can never enter the Assembly and attack in this way, he added. PMLN’s private workers and goons entered and created havoc in the assembly and injured women. A member of the assembly Aasia Bibi was seriously injured, but by the grace of Allah Almighty, she has recovered. The intrusion of police inside the Punjab assembly cannot be forgotten in any way, he added. Police intrusion and rioting in the Punjab assembly is a dark chapter of history and this incident is a stigma .