Punjab Assembly echoed with ‘drug stories’ of City



Amraiz Khan

The Punjab Assembly On Tuesday was echoed with drugs stories when replying to a question provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat said, “It is rightly pointed out that there are some places in Lahore where drugs are being sold but legal action is also being taken against them”. He said that in the last six months, 7957 drug related cases have been registered while challans of 7171 cases were submitted to the court.
While 20 kg of hashish, 114 kg of heroin and 29,000 liters of liquor were recovered, the Minister informed the House.

In addition, under our manifesto, we got 174 cases registered to keep colleges and schools drug-free, he continued. Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat’s while giving his remarks in the Punjab Assembly regarding drug trafficking said that there are complaints that alcohol, heroin, hashish and drugs are being sold somewhere. It has become a curse in a society, Raja Basharat went on saying. Action is taken against those who sell drugs and in this regard so far seven thousand nine hundred and twenty six cases have been registered.
Challans of 7,600 cases were presented in the courts, he added. The government destroyed 114 kg of heroin, 4 kg of ice, 740 liters of alcohol and more than 2,000 different drugs.

The government continues to work to rid educational institutions of drugs. 174 cases have been registered against drug dealers outside educational institutions. ‘Sheesha’ is banned. If hundreds of cases are registered, effective action will be taken against those who work undercover. Interesting dialogue between Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat and PML-N’s Khalil Tahir Sindhu in the Punjab Assembly House was heard when Khalil intervened during the response of the provincial law minister. Raja said, “I would also like to take advantage of your drug experience” Alcohol is forbidden in all religions, including Christianity, Khalil responded and said not from my experience but all male members should be tested for alcohol consumption.
Khalil Tahir Sindhu’s statement resounded with laughers in the House.

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