Punjab Assembly Committee refers RPO’s case to NAB

Amraiz Khan

A special Committee of Punjab Assembly has recommended to send the Housing society irregularities case of Tariq Abbas Qureshi to NAB for further investigations.

It was decided in a meeting of the Special Committee of the Punjab Assembly Punjab chaired by Punjab Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja.

The meeting reviewed the alleged irregularities and misappropriation of millions of rupees by former RPO Gujranwala Tariq Abbas Qureshi and cases of illegal housing society. The committee recommended that the case be referred to NAB.

The meeting of a special committee of the Punjab Assembly was held under the chairmanship of Punjab Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja in which the alleged corruption scandal against former RPO Gujranwala Tariq Abbas Qureshi was reviewed.

The sub-committee upheld the allegations of corruption against former Gujranwala RPO on which the special committee reviewed all the records and recommended that the case be referred to the NAB.

The committee once again provided a personal hearing to the former RPO Gujranwala.

During the investigation, it was proved without any doubt that all the allegations made in the adjournment motion No. 93/20 are based on facts.

The former RPO could not satisfactorily explain the questions posed by the Gujranwala sub-committee while it was fully confirmed that he had exceeded his authority and without following all the rules and regulations he was involved in the formation of the housing scheme. The Society owner did not obtain the approval of a government authority.

Shahnawaz signed a written agreement / MOU for the establishment of a housing scheme in which the welfare of the police personnel was apparently shown, while this was observed during the proceedings of the committee that in fact, the former RPO’s “personal welfare” continued in the name of police personnel.

The former RPO also registered in the MoU for setting up a police check-post while the establishment of this post was only authority with the provincial government.

Before announcement of the housing scheme the price of land was only Rs 10 to 15 lakh per acre.

While after the announcement of the scheme there the cost of the land exceeded from 10 million rupees per acre.

The investigation also revealed that there are a total of 533 plots out of which 309 plots have been purchased by the police personnels, but 158 plots have been registered so far.

After a lengthy discussion, it was unanimously decided that since it was not in the public interest, the case should be referred to the NAB for further investigation so that the accused could be convicted in accordance with the law.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary Assembly, DG Parliamentary Affairs, Punjab Police, Home Department, Law Department and all the representatives of the concerned departments.

On the other hand when contacted Tariq Abbas Qureshi former RPO Gujranwala and questioned him about the allegations leveled against him he said some political personality was against him.

“That political person wants to screw me and he is leveling baseless allegations against me, I am confident that I will be cleared at any forum they want to send my case”, Mr. Qureshi asserted.

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