PTI urges women to rise up against govt


President Women wing PTI Karachi, Fiza Zeeshan has said that the government has destroyed the country as well as the entire Karachi.There will be no chance to improve this system, the country has been brought to the brink of economic collapse, it is not only Imran Khan’s job to go out on the streets for us, it is also our duty to get out of our comforts and cold rooms.

Talking to the media at Insaaf House, she said thatwe stand with Imran Khan, the women of Karachi played the best role in this struggle, since the imposition of the imported government, the housewives were the most affected. The lathi-charged women were locked up in the police stations, after the Wazirabad incident, when the women left their homes, they were assaulted by the police.

Central GS Saima Nadeem, GS Karachi Sarina Adnan, ShaziaJafarani, Shazia Imran, Falak Almas and other women were also present on this occasion.

Fiza Zeeshan added that no revolution has ever been completed without women. We stand with men shoulder by shoulder. For 40 years, the country, especially Karachi, is being destroyed. If proper steps are not taken now, the country will suffer irreparable damage. It is our duty to leave our homes.

She said that the revolution is coming, the women of Karachi are coming out for a fight. The municipal elections will be a tipping point. We are out to change Pakistan. The Mayor of Tehreek-e-Insaf will come here. We are organizing a women’s convention. Imran Khan will address women on Sunday, a sea of women will be seen. What is the difference between PTI and PDM parties.

On this occasion, Central GS Women’s Wing Saima Nadeem said that Karachi was the Paris of Asia. Hollow slogans were given for it, Karachi has become an uninhabited city.

Today, the security situation is very bad, take lives for the sake of a mobile phone. Karachi was the city of lights, today load shedding is happening here, Lahore has the best education than Karachi. Why Karachi is it being pushed back in the dark, before the election, the first request is, our mothers and sisters come out with us.She said that the revenue of the city is not coming back to this city.