PTI terminates Faisal Vawda’s party membership

Faisal Vawda PTI

Islamabad: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has formally terminated the party membership of Faisal Vawda.

A statement was issued on Saturday with Imran Khan’s signature saying that Faisal Vawda did not respond to the show-cause notice issued on October 26 for defying orders.

“You [Faisal Vawda] have not responded to the notice within the stipulated timeline. Therefore, your membership from the party stands terminated,” the statement said.

Faisal Vawda had made claims that the PTI’s long march would “witness bloodshed, death, and funerals.” After this, the PTI suspended Vawda and said that he would not be allowed to hold any party office or represent the party in the media.

On Friday, he tweeted he kept on convincing his leader Imran Khan that his political struggle of 26 years was being taken towards the wrong direction by two “special”, three “snakes” and “some worms”.

The PTI leader said pursuing the wrong political strategy on the advice of “moles” caused harm to the country, benefited the ruling alliance, PDM, and led to a confrontation with the institutions.

“We were very close to an agreement. I will bring their names soon,” he said without offering details.

Will reveal names of ‘snakes’ who misled Imran: Vawda

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