PTI should avoid interfering in Sindh affairs: Saeed Ghotki, Mirpurkhas incidents’ culprits arrested


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that a thorough investigation into the Ghatki incident would be conducted. Saeed Ghani said that after the incident, the situation in Ghotki worsened and some shops and temples were damaged, but the Sindh government while taking immediate notice calmed the situation through Rangers and Police.
The provincial minister said that he himself went to Ghotki immediately after the incident and met the scholars and people of the Hindu community there and normalized the situation. He said that the scholars made it clear that those who attacked the temple had nothing to do with them and the government should take action against those responsible.
Saeed Ghani said he thanked the two sides and informed them that the suspects have been arrested and action would be taken against them according to law.
The provincial minister further said that the incident of Mirpurkhas was reported in the media as if Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was behind the incident. He said that after the tragic incident in Mirpurkhas, the Sindh government came into action immediately and the culprits were suspended immediately. Saeed Ghani said further investigations into the incident were being made and statements of the victims were also recorded, adding that the ambulance was in working condition.
Saeed Ghani said there were reports that all the accused in the Malam Jabba case were being given clean chit. The provincial minister said this shows that accountability apparatus was being used only against the political opponents. He said that the government of the PTI was bent upon seeking political revenge just for the satisfaction of its ego.
Saeed Ghani said that Ali Zaidi was busy providing benefits to his personal friends, who were also given government contracts, adding that the FIA was investigating against them. Saeed Ghani said the BRT project was a tale of corruption but there was no report of the Chief Minister’s KP being summoned by NAB. Provincial Minister of Information said that Sindh government had a clear stance on the issue of partition of Sindh province or separation of Karachi.
This would not be tolerated come what may, he added. He said that even if the PTI and the GDA oppose the division of Sindh, yet they were still sitting with the MQM. Saeed Ghani said that Farogh Nassim had actually helped the MQM by his recent remarks.
The provincial minister said that we were well aware of MQM’s intention. He said nobody should forget that it was Farough Naseem who once described Altaf Hussain as Nelson Mandela. Saeed Ghani said that recommendation of Farough Naseem was not made by the MQM, in fact someone else recommended him.

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