PTI protests against high prices, load shedding

Adam Khan Wazir

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Wana protested against inflation, non-availability of cheap flour, closure of 3G and 4G and unannounced load shedding. The demonstration was attended by a large number of people belonging to different schools of thought, including the PTI Tigers.

PTI leaders Ghulam Rasool, Haroon Wazir, Malik Hazrat Noor Wazir, Aziz Wazir and Imranullah Wazir and others addressed the gathering. They said that due to incompetence of the government, inflation has become uncontrollable which has made the poor people helpless.

They said that the federal government was treating the people of the tribal districts like a stepmother and appealed to the federal government to apply Khan Sahib’s formula to curb the current spiraling inflation and provide subsidy to the people on essential commodities. Demonstrators said that during the construction of Gomal Zam Dam, former President Musharraf had promised with the tribal elders during a jirga that three megawatts of electricity would be provided free of cost to the people of Wana.

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