PTI leader hails UN chief’s statement on Kashmir


Demands probe into HR violations

Our Correspondent
Mirpur (Ajk)

Central Secretary Information Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf (AJK chapter) Ershad Mahmud Wednesday lauded the UN Chief Mr Antonio Guterres’ recent statement on Kashmir in which he reprimanded the Indian state for using pellet guns against children in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking to this Correspondent here on Wednes-day, the PTI leader termed the statement as healthy development vis-à-vis Kashmir.

Ershad continued that the UN chief’s statement is a clear indication of the growing realization among world leaders about the fact that Kashmiris who have been caught in the crosshairs of conflict and coronavirus could not be left at the mercy of the occupation forces.

“The UN SG’s statement highlights yet another dimension that the world institutions, in particular, the UN has been keenly and closely watching the abysmal human rights situation in the region”, Mahmud said adding that the two landmark reports released by the OHCHR report and offers of media-tion by the UN Secretary-General speak volumes about the fast-changing world scenario.

“More importantly the statement by the UN chief reaffirms Kashmiri leadership’s long-standing position about grave human rights abuses in IHK”, the PTI leader said.

Referring to the devastating impacts of the lin-gering conflict on the lives of Kashmiri children he said, “Kashmir children have been worst victims of the conflict, they are living in a constant fear in the most militarized zone of the world, with the pres-ence of over half a million Indian troops, which exposes them to violence”.

He said that the unre-solved issue had left hundreds of thousands or-phaned whereas a large number of children have fallen victim to pellets during the past several years.

Mahmud reiterated his demand for the estab-lishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate the gross and systematic human rights violations by Indian forces in Kashmir as recommended in the OHCHR report of June 2018.

“The vicious cycle of violence and unending bloodshed in the region will continue to wreak havoc on innocent lives unless perpetrators of the violence are not brought to justice”, he said adding that it was high time that the international commu-nity should play its role to hold Indian government accountable for the crimes its forces have been committing in Kashmir.

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