PTI govt badly disappointed countrymen: JI leader


Raza Naqvi


Jamaat-i-Islami central Vice President and former National Assembly member Mian Muhammad Aslam has said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government badly disappointed the masses as it destroyed the economy and collapsed the every institution. Addressing press conference in Attock on Wednesday, he said a weak and incapable government which was imposed on the country was unable to resolve these crises.
Therefore, he said, national leadership should join hand and develop a united strategy to bring the country out of prevailing process. Mr Aslam was of the view that PTI government was imposed on people of Pakistan on July 25, 2018 by the some powerful quarters which could not provide any relief to people of the country so far. He added that the PTI government has troubled the masses during the first two-years of its rule and proved to be an utter failure.
“The PTI government has left the poor masses alone and deserted in this time of trial as the basic necessities are fast exhausting and they are without livelihood”, he added. He claimed that PM’s special advisers were enjoying all luxuries while the masses were deprived of flour and sugar. He said the prime minister’s claim to bring change proved lie. JI leader said that the government had either joined hands with or completely surrendered before the mafia plundering public money and crippling state institutions, which was evident from the total collapse of economy to which the government was just a spectator.
He alleged that the PTI government had been making blunders after blunders at national as well as international level but never mended its way. He said spiraling prices, especially those of edibles and fuel, had made life miserable for the masses who were finding it difficult to meet even basic needs. “We ask the government to at least bring down the price of roti to the level of the year 2018,” he said.
“Those, who had promised to provide 10 million jobs to the people, are committing the financial murder of families by firing their members, many sole breadwinners”. He added. He said Muslim world was passing through a very difficult time. He said Kashmir and Palestine were burning but the entire world and majority of Muslim countries were posing as silent spectators. He urged the UAE to review its decision as it had hurt the sentiments of Ummah. He added said the UAE disregarded the sacrifices rendered by thousands of Palestinians for their cause.

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