Protesting teachers baton-charged by police


Staff Reporter

Multiple protesting teachers from various government schools were injured on Sunday by police officials after their attempt to enter the Chief Minister House.
The demonstrators had been earlier protesting outside near Karachi Press Club (KPC) for their contractual employments to be turned permanent but decided to move towards CM House when authorities came in, leading to clashes erupting between the two groups.
Reports revealed that the police used batons, tear-gas as well as water cannon to halt the protestors from entering the CM House, subsequent to which many were left injured.
Regarding the clash, Sindh chief minister’s adviser on law, anti-corruption establishment and information Murtaza Wahab said that while the local government could not permit the teachers from demonstrating outside the CM House, they are free to do so outside KPC.
Moreover, he urged the teachers protesting for the permanency of their appointments to put in an application with the advertised posts, in line with Public Service Commission.