Protest against notice to vacate house of govt employees


The government employees on Wednesday protested peacefully against the issuance of eviction notices to 238 government employees by the section officer of the Department of Services and General Administration in Shadman and demanded that the Sindh government to review the allotment policy of government residences.

In one of its decisions, the court has allowed the Sindh government to change the allotment policy, therefore Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah appealed to review the allotment policy of government residences and make it based on justice.

He said” The government employees who are performing their duties in Karachi reject the controversial allotment policy of government accommodation of Sindh government.”

After the completion of the ritual, the Section Officer State SGA and CD have been doing it. While many of our employees were given this accommodation 27 years ago and since that day, none of us employees have failed to pay any government dues or dues deviated from any other conditions.

The Supreme Court took suo motu notice on the seizure of government property by unrelated persons. And under the guise of this, the Department of Services and General Administration of the Sindh Government misled the honorable Supreme Court and Our legally allotted orders were declared illegal under a controversial policy.

It is to mention here that this controversial policy is not only discriminatory between the employees and officers of Sindh Government but also against the Constitution of Pakistan in which all have equal rights.

It should also be remembered that this department of the Sindh government was taking undue advantage of its administrative powers and is restricting all the benefits to it, which included the secretariat allowance, self-hiring allowance and other allowances.

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