Protection of honour, finality of Prophet our faith: SACM


Says govt will take all-out steps to protect life, property of citizens

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Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister (SACM) Hasaan Khawar on Thursday said that love more than anything for Holy Prophet (SAWW) and protection of the honour and finality of the Last Prophet (SAWW) is the part of every Muslim and hegemony of any group or party on this pretext is unacceptable.

“The personality of the most sacred and beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is the sole and lasting link that binds Muslim Ummah together.”

Talking to the media persons, the SACM said that national unity cannot be allowed to be undermined and it is the responsibility of the government and the state to protect lives and property and establish its writ.

For this purpose, the Punjab chief minister presided over a high-level meeting to review the law and order situation in the province.

The SACM said that people are facing difficulties due to road closures and suspension of mobile phone services, adding that the government has been taking every possible step to normalize the situation.

Hasaan Khawar said the state is like a mother and its doors are opened for dialogue with anyone.

The government policy of peace should not be considered its weakness and no efforts will be spared for protection of the people.

Responding to a question about talks with the banned outfit, the SACM said that talks are always held between two parties and both the parties move forward on the basis of give and take.

Problems should be resolved through negotiations but our progress has not met with a positive response and stubbornness and inflexibility has exhibited.

The SACM said banned outfit armed persons martyred five police officials performing duty, thus a conducive environment could not be established for negotiations. The government is making all-out efforts to resolve the issues with mutual understanding.

The chief minister Punjab is personally monitoring the implementation of the government strategy. The SACM said the position of the government is clear and there is no confusion at all.

It is the responsibility of the state to protect lives and property of the citizens and maintain law and order which could not to be compromised.

However, no deadline could be given for resolving the issue. He further said the release of the leader of the banned outfit was not an administrative issue and that progress was required under the law.

He said that the negotiations with the banned outfits were a sensitive issue and talks have not reached on a stage where the people should be informed about its progress.

The government reflects the aspirations of the people and whenever any significant progress is made, It would be brought before the public, he added. Hasaan Khawar said the federal and Punjab government was working together on this issue and

options were being considered to keep the banned outfit away from NA 133 by-elections.
Meanwhile, addressing a seminar on the future of digital media in Pakistan at Government College University, Special Assistant to CM Punjab Hasaan Khawar said the digital media had provided the power of safe and sound expression to the general public and it is one of the most effective and potent way to express their views and opinions.

Digital media had changed the way of politics and also the working of the governments, he added.

SACM said with the advent of digital media the concept of accountability in governments was getting stronger and now government policies were being formulated, according to public views.

SACM said use of digital media was changing the mindset of the people and this was also affecting the government policies too.

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