Promotion without examination


The Sindh School Education and Literacy Department has announced that the students of grade I to III will be promoted to the next classes without examinations. A notification issued by the department also contains schedules of different examinations, pattern of question papers and teaching of Asan Sindhi subject of SSC standard.

The notification claims the decision was made as per the minutes of the sub-committee of the steering body meeting held on December 12 last year but the All Private Schools Management Association Sindh Chairman Haider Ali has raised objection over the notification asking all educational institutions to promote students of classes I-III without examinations, pointing out that the circular was not in accordance with the recommendations of the steering committee.

He said that the steering committee had never directed private schools for promotion without examinations, adding that such automatic promotions were a practice of government schools for the last few years. Automatic promotions to next grades, whether in public sector or private institutions, are not a healthy practice and would cause further deterioration in the quality and standard of education in a province where quality of education is not satisfactory.

One fails to understand the rationale of the decision as foundation and primary classes play a fundamental role in the educational career of a student and automatic promotions would serve as disincentive both for students and teachers to focus on learning and comprehension. Automatic promotions and liberal grace marks were introduced during years of Coronavirus and their continuity doesn’t augur well for the overall schooling. Private schools are legitimately demanding review of the notification and this should be done immediately.