Prof Gohar Siddiqui paid glowing homage

Staff Reporter

The services of Sir Syed of Jhang Prof Gohar Siddiqui will always be remembered. The educational journey started from Shah Jewna did not end at Cadet College.

These views were expressed by speakers at a reference held on the death of Prof Gohar Siddiqui.

The Rotary Club organized the reference, which was addressed by Omar Ramay, Haji Ishtiaq, Chaudhry Waheed, Anjuman-e-Tajiran’s Haji Dildar, Sardar Jaspal Singh, Sardar Kaljit Singh, Osama Noor, Sheikh Younis of Chamber of Commerce, Malik Liaqat, Haji Qayyum, Naveed Sadhana of Press Club, Mubashir Shah, Idrees Janbaz, Syed Muttaqi Shah of Jhang District Bar Association, Makhdoom Majeed Shah, Motahir Tirmizi, Hamid Abdullah Advocate, Qaiser of PPP and social leaders including Rabbani, Zulfiqar Ahmed Chaudhry, Haji Imran, Tanveer Mohal.

In their condolence message, they paid rich tribute to late professor for his invaluable services.

They said that Prof Gohar Siddiqui’s educational services were an asset to the people of Jhang.

Expressing good wishes for the son of Commander Sohaib Farooq, the speakers termed the demise of Prof Gohar Siddiqui as a great tragedy for the people of Jhang and said that he started his educational services from Ghazali School.

He started his branches all over the country and then through his children to Cadet College He said that insha’Allah, under the leadership of Commander Sohaib Farooq, he would make further progress and provide quality education to the people of Jhang as well as to the children of the whole country.