Prince William opens up on his emotions surrounding Princess Diana’s death


LONDON The British royal family has always been well known for portraying a tough front in the face of turbulence and difficulty, however recently Prince William opened up about the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, more than a decade after her passing. He not only detailed the experience but also gave an insight into his emotions and feelings during his own personal grieving process. During an interview with BBC, Prince William was quoted saying, “Trauma comes in all sorts of shapes and forms and we can never know or be prepared for when it is going to happen for us. People are going to feel angry, they are going to feel confused; they are going to feel scared. That is all normal feelings and that is, unfortunately, all part of the grieving process.” Prince William found out about the death of Princess Diana while he was at Balmoral Castle with the Queen and Prince Philip. According to a report, the pain of losing his mother was a “pain like no other pain.” In a BBC documentary called A Royal Team Talk, Prince William stated, “I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’m trying to understand why I feel like I do, but I think when you are bereaved at a very young age, any time really, but particularly at a young age, I can resonate closely to that — you feel pain like no other pain.”—AP

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